Our mission

Promoting open and transparent government in Oklahoma.

Our Vision

An Oklahoma where:



Government is open and transparent.

We believe in the letter and the spirit of the law. Government and publicly-funded organizations should not simply respond to requests for records, they should make a concerted effort to let the light in and be more transparent with the people they they serve. 


The public is active and engaged.

As citizens, it's our duty to hold the government accountable and ensure that they are being open, honest, and transparent with the public. We're all in this together, and we need more people to help us.

Public information is easily accessible.

It's one thing to say that public information is available, but if it's tucked away in the basement of a windowless building, it isn't truly accessible. We dream of an Oklahoma where requests are processed quickly, where agendas and minutes are posted promptly, and where data is freely available for download.