SPJ & NFOIC seek nominees for Open Government Hall of Fame

The Society of Professional Journalists and National Freedom of Information Coalition want to "recognize long-term contributions of individuals to open government in their respective states."

They are creating a Heroes of the 50 States: The State Open Government Hall of Fame.

Other groups also want to recognize those who've fought for the public's right to know at the state and local level.

The American Society of News Editors is seeking nominees to identify the top three Local Heroes of 2010 who fought tirelessly last year to make their state or local public institutions more open and accessible.

FOI Oklahoma is seeking nominations for its annual awards competition recognizing individuals and organizations that promote the free flow of information to the public and the government agency that attempted most to thwart the public's right to know.

All the awards are part of the national Sunshine Week celebration March 14 - 19.

SPJ and NFOIC are seeking to recognize people "who may be well known within their respective states and communities, but whose labors have gone unrecognized elsewhere. Heroes whose efforts have kept state and local government records and meetings open and accessible to their fellow citizens."

Specifically, induction into the Hall recognizes “long and steady effort to preserve and protect the free flow of information about state and local government that is vital to the public in a democracy.”

One person will be inducted into the Hall of Fame each spring.

Nominees may come from government, the media, the non-profit sector, the legal profession, or any other area of endeavor that involves citizen access to government records, meetings and procedures. Nominees may be living or dead, active or retired. Judges will consider only accomplishments at the state and local level.

Nominations should include a cover letter identifying the nominee and the person or group making the nomination, and adequate support material to demonstrate the worthiness of the nominee.

The deadline for nominations is Feb. 15. Nomination materials should be sent to:

Charles Davis
Executive Director
NFOIC Headquarters
University of Missouri
101 Reynolds Journalism Institute
Columbia, MO 65211

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