Lamons amendment would undo Terrill 'compromise' on birth date bill, subject Legislature to Open Records Act

A bill to close public access to the birth dates of government workers would become a bill requiring the state Legislature to follow the Open Records Act, under an amendment filed Wednesday morning by Rep.
Lucky Lamons.

The Tulsa Democrat's amendment to SB 1753 might keep the DOB bill from coming to a vote of the full House because representatives likely don't want to decide if they should be subject to the records statute, said Mark Thomas of the Oklahoma Press Association.

Thomas warned though that Rep. Randy Terrill and the Oklahoma Public Employees Association might try to close access to the personnel information by inserting their language into another bill.

Late Monday, Terrill filed a "compromise" amendment that would end public access to the birth dates found in the personnel files of government employees. (Read blog posting on Terrill's amendment.)

House members were expected to vote either today or Thursday on that amendment.

But Lamons filed an amendment that would strip Terrill's proposed language and instead require legislators to abide by the state Open Records Act.

Lamons is one of 12 House members who signed FOI Oklahoma's Open Government Pledge.

Joey Senat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
OSU School of Journalism
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