Re-elected incumbent, two other Stillwater candidates pledged to comply with open government laws

Stillwater City Council incumbent Joe Weaver had signed FOI Oklahoma's Open Government Pledge before his re-election in early April.
Nine pledge-signers, including Weaver, were elected in municipal elections on April 2.
Weaver, OSU's administration & finance vice president, promised that he and the Stillwater city government "will comply with not only the letter but also the spirit of Oklahoma's Open Meeting and Open Records laws."
Weaver also pledged "to support at every opportunity the public policy of the State of Oklahoma that the people are vested with the inherent right to know and be fully informed about their government so that they can efficiently and intelligently exercise their inherent political power."
Also signing the pledge prior to the election were Weaver's opponent OSU employee Micah LeFebvre and incumbent Philip Pina, who lost to Gina Noble, an OSU faculty member who also had signed the pledge.
The Stillwater League of Women Voters collected the signed pledges from Weaver, LeFebvre and Pina in late March but didn't mail them to FOI Oklahoma until after the election.
FOI Oklahoma began the Open Government Pledge in spring 2008 as part of a national effort to spur public commitments to government transparency from candidates for president down to city council contests.
Signers are listed on the FOI Oklahoma website.

Joey Senat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
OSU School of Media & Strategic Communications

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