Tulsa Police Department policy change on officer involved shootings

(Posted by Tulsa Police Department, 7/12/2018) To be more consistent the Tulsa Police Department will no longer release the name(s) of any officer involved in an officer involved shooting within 48 to 72 hours as previously practiced. This change is to allow the case to be presented to the District Attorney’s office prior to revealing the identity of the officer(s) involved.

Response from FOI Oklahoma: We feel this change in policy by the Tulsa Police Department is unnecessary and does not serve the best interests of the general public. While we understand the department’s desire to ensure the safety of its officers, the public has a right to know about matters involving city employees. Delaying the release of important facts in these cases could obscure wrongdoing and only serve to undermine public trust in the department. We believe 48 to 72 hours is ample time for Tulsa police to present a case to the district attorney’s office, and we encourage them to continue the policy as they have in the past.

For more information, contact: Andy Moore, Executive Director, FOI Oklahoma